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Do Animals Sing?

by admin on September 25, 2014

Birdsong continues to be a source of inspiration for hundreds of years, needless to say and is recognizable to everyone, but most people are surprised to discover that other creatures sing — and not only humpback whales. Various species of insects, amphibians, mammals as well as fish are actually known to make tunes that were idiosyncratic.

A spectrum of mammals in the biggest sing. Humpback whales create tunes that are hauntingly beautiful. Pygmy blue whales sing, even though the calls are not excessively high and has to be sped up to be perceptible. Other whale species as well as dolphins may also be known to create tunes.

Researchers has found that mice emit high frequency look utilized by male mice to bring females, sound like bird songs and sounds that, when amplified for human hearing. All species produce vocalizations that are complex. Monogamous couples join their songs in a pattern that is somewhat inflexible to create unified duet songs. Between 15 and 20 syllables are used by male Mexican Freetail bats to produce courtship songs, according to a study reported in Science Daily. Although the routine of every song is not dissimilar, each man bat uses another syllable.

A species of frog that dwells beside swift-flowing rivers in the Anhui Province in China generates an ultrasonic croak to cut via the sound using multiple down and upward sweeps.

All of the species that use quasi or tune -musical components shows that music goes well past the avian and isn’t unique. You will find certainly many others yet to be found. As is true for showy displays of colour as well as other accoutrements that are notable, it is almost always the male. However, the female gets to function as the best judge and what qualifies as a tune that is worthy.

The Effect of Music on Plants

by admin on February 26, 2014

Effect of Music on Plants

How does music effect plants? Like many people know, sound is a wave, specifically a pulse wave. What this means is that sound is formed by higher and lower fluxes in air pressure. This knowledge makes it difficult to believe scientifically that music would have any effect on plants. Various science fair projects and other scientific research shows music’s effects on plant life to be subtle at best. Science so far has shown that there can be little difference to a plant between music and plain ambient noise. The most logical explanation scientists can come up with for the subtle effects music seems to have on plants actually appears to come more from the plant’s human caretakers.

Many already know from school what exactly music is in science. Music is made up of sound, which is a pulse wave by nature. What this means is that higher and lower atmospheric pressures form sound and act as a conduit through which sound travels. Music is made from a collection of various amplitudes of sound.

An amplitude itself refers to the plot of air pressure when matched against time on a graph. As the fluctuations in air pressure that cause music are generally very small, it is difficult for scientists to believe that these could have any effect on plant growth because there is very little difference between music and plain ambient noise to a plant.

Various scientific research has been done regarding the question of “how does music effect plants?” Many science fair projects have been done regarding this topic and official scientific research has been done on this topic as well. All research shows little if any effect on the plants exposed to music. However these subtle differences in growth have been taken into account and questioned. It is likely that sound waves may have a subtle effect on plant growth through changes in air pressure but this is difficult to test. Not only are there too many variables affecting plant growth that would need to be controlled but there are also questions on how to treat negative control.

Would testers simply have to put it in a sound-proof container? If so, how else is this container going to effect the growth of the plant? The subject simply has not been scientifically verified It is possible as well that the subtle changes noticed in plant growth while exposed to music may simply result from the caretaker of the plant. In an experiment, plants exposed to different kinds of music may receive different care than the plants not exposed. Plants do not have ears or a brain for music to influence, but humans do. So how does music effect plants? We may never know. Science has yet to bring about a definite answer. Thus far, there is no evidence that plants can be influenced by music, but there are subtle effects noise has been shown to have on them. Then again, this evidence may simply be proving just how easily humans are influenced by music, allowing those preforming the experiment to alter their treatment of the plants accordingly.

Toronto’s Top Ten Cheap Sights

by admin on January 27, 2014


Though frequently stereotyped as a pricey city, Toronto truly offers a wide array of not expensive and fun attractions. Visitors and locals alike can encounter many of the town’s most lively draws, even on a budget!

1. Kensington Market

With “carfree” days turning the area right into a road festival throughout summer Sundays, an astounding. Choice of low-priced eateries and cafes, and a bohemian vibe you does not find elsewhere in the town Kensington Industry is a must see.

2. St. Lawrence Market

The historical St. Lawrence Marketplace’s venders offer virtually every type of food possible. It’s possible to spend a whole day trying everything from maple sugar candies to unique cheeses and high quality all-natural meats.

3. Center Island

A brief, low-cost ferry trip from downtown Toronto will deliver one to this isle green space. With different shores, miles of trails, and free occasions through the year, a whole day can simply be spent loving the clean atmosphere.

4. Mark downed Museum Night times

A lot of Toronto’s museums and galleries provide free or discounted entry through the week. Both biggest are the Royal Ontario Museum, with tickets discounted to $9 on Fridays after 4:30PM, as well as the Memorial of Ontario, which opens its doors free of charge on Wednesdays between 6:00PM and 8:30 PM.

5. Self-Guided Walking Tours

Several self-guided walking tours were marked through the city, permitting explorers to know more about Toronto’s neighbourhoods, verdant spaces, and tradition. Walks variety from brief, simple excursions along paved footpaths to more difficult hikes throughout the town’s several ravines.

How to Eat Cheap and Healthy in Toronto

by admin on December 12, 2013

cheap and healthy

One of the most wonderful things about Toronto is the abundance of independently owned eateries around every corner. Visitors to this beautiful city often remark about the lack of chain restaurants and the availability of local, sustainable and organic foods. Having so many choices of where to dine makes it easy to eat healthfully, and having a vast number of establishments in business help keep prices reasonable.


Whether seeking out a vegan, vegetarian or “combination” eatery (so carnivores and veggie folk can co-exist peacefully). Toronto offers a range of choices to satisfy any taste and budget. From basic breakfast fare to the fanciest dinner, every eating style is easily accommodated in Canada’s largest city. Zoe’s in the King West neighborhood is a favorite of many locals. It’s a bakery/cafe that’s open for breakfast, lunch and brunch. They offer a huge variety of sandwiches and salads, with breakfast entrees starting at just $5. Lunch ranges from $9.95-15.95 and many healthy options are available including plenty of vegetarians and some vegan choices as well as meat and seafood. The menu is quite creative, and offers the option for fresh-packed takeaway to enjoy at one of the city’s beautiful outdoor spaces.


Camro’s Organic Eatery on Hayden St. is 100S vegetarian, but even meat eaters rave about the food. This restaurant has a rather unique system in that they offer a set menu that rotates each day, and the customer can choose as many or a few items as they like. A two-item combination plate is $9.56 while a four-item platter is $14.03. The most surprising (and creative) thing about the restaurant is
that all the food is inspired by the cuisine of Persia.


Speaking of ethnic food, Ethiopian choices abound in Toronto, and it’s difficult to find food which is healthier or more affordable than what’s offered at the many eateries serving this type of cuisine. Nazareth on Bloor Street is a solid favorite and has been called a “hidden gem” because it’s one of the few restaurants where two people can get a huge dinner for under $10. Sometimes the line can be out the door, but according to those who have dined here, it’s completely worth the wait.

Which is cheaper: Eating out or eating in?

by admin on January 17, 2013

Eating out or eating inMaking Smart Choices Helps Your Budget

How many times has someone told you that you need to stop eating out because it is too expensive? Are they right? Which option is better for your budget?

Actually, the answer is that it depends on you and your choices. If you earn gift certificates through a reward program or buy restaurant.com gift certificates during a sale, eating out can be quite cheap. If you hit the trendy hot spots and have a four course meal and a few drinks, you could eat a week’s worth of meals at home instead. (more →)

Ultimate Hipster Guide to Toronto

by admin on January 17, 2013

Hipster GuideHave you ever been quite surprised by a city? Ever arrived somewhere and been immediately floored away with options for things to do or places to eat at in a city? Or overwhelmed with literally hundreds of options for bars and clubs worth visiting? For me, that was Toronto. I’d heard it was a cool city from many of the experts I’ve met abroad, but I just didn’t know until I saw it for myself. I’d heard Toronto called a cleaner version of New York City, and after visiting both cities in the span of a month, I’d probably have to agree. (Admittedly, Toronto is much smaller than NYC…) Toronto has much less graffiti than New york, I guess graffiti removal Toronto companies are working overtime. Anyhow, here is what I think about Toronto, the arts, nightlife and culture. (more →)

Toronto Travel Tips

by admin on January 17, 2013

Toronto Travel TipsOne of my favorite travel destinations is Toronto, Canada. From the town of Detroit, it’s just half and around three hrs away. After your cross the boundary in Detroit it’s a right shot up the 401 highway.

Toronto has frequently been called the NYC of Europe. I believe it lives around this assessment. Nevertheless, GTA is much cleaner and safer than NYC. I’ve been astonished at how clean the town is for such a prominent public. I’ve also never felt at risk even when travelling past midnight.

So far as what to see and do, you’ll never run out. I have possibly created about twenty-five excursions to GTA in my existence, and I have never been bored. There’s usually old favorites in addition to fresh issues appearing constantly. (more →)